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Title: MADD Family  
By: Kathy Horton  
New London, CT Sub Base

We have suffered what parents think or hope never happens to them. We lost our 29 year old son Sept. 06, 2003 to a drunk/drugged driver. Our son was riding his motorcycle home and was hit head on by this 51 year old male doing approx. 70 m.p.h. Since we have not only lost our precious son, but we have lost ties to his son who is now 13 due to issues that resulted in our sons divorce over 12 years ago. We have tried to seek so much help and assistance with attorneys, the police who handled this unfortunate accident, the courts, etc. and have gotten nowhere. When asked of a lawyers help, his reply was "the only rights you have as grandparents is what to decide to do with your son's body!" Imagine? It is the most traumatic time in our lives and there is no one out there that offers any guidance or help. My message to all, is if you are going to drink, please accept the responsibility not to get behind the wheel and take the chance of taking an innocent life and unless you're wealthy it seems you have no say in the matter of what happens when you're faced with such an unfortunate accident.

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