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Title: Did I tell him enough how much I love him?  
By: Alicia  
Ft. Lewis

This is my husband's third deployment to Iraq (he left the 3rd) and it hasn't been easy. I wake up every morning thinking he'll be home tomorrow... and as a friend said, if I keep it up, some day I'll be right. We've been stationed at Ft. Lewis since October, and I don't know too many people. I love the area and can't imagine leaving, but don't know if I can bare it alone. What makes his deployment even harder is that I just miscarried at three months right before he left. I looked forward to the pregnancy( we had been trying for so long) to make the time go by that much faster, We are going to try again when he gets back for our "Avery". I can't express enough how proud I am of all of our men that are fighting over there, I pray every night for their safety and fast return. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!

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