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Title: Heart Of A Soldier  
By: Jon M. Nelson  
Fort Campbell, KY

Heart Of A Soldier By: Jon M. Nelson As the sun burns down it bakes my skin, I can feel my patience beginning to wear thin. Walking endless miles in this scorching heat, And I can feel the sand burning my feet. On my back I carry this unbearable load, As I walk along this seemingly endless road. The weight is so much that I can barely stand, To get up off my knee I need a helping hand. It seems like we have been walking for days, With hardly any sleep it all seems like a haze. The exhaustion is beginning to take its toll, Iíll never get back all the time that they stole. Around every corner Iím reminded of home, Yet I have no choice but to continue to roam. Oh how I miss all the ones that I left behind, And sometimes I wish I could just hit rewind. Then I realize that theyíre the reason Iím here, Even through all of my pain and fear. I had to come over here and leave them back, So they wouldnít worry about another attack. Even with the bullets and bombs trying to kill, I have to move on by searching for my inner will. Iíve seen many die and suffer before my eyes, And Iíve faced my horrors as I heard their cries. I do what I do for my friends and my family, And to help keep this nation of ours free. And for those who will criticize and condemn, A soldier will even serve honorably for them. Through all the pain and torture I will carry on, For without me, our freedoms would be gone. And whenever I feel I cannot go on any more, I always remember exactly what Iím fighting for. I am one of the defenders of this great nation, And I will always do my job without hesitation. The heart of a soldier can never be broken, As his actions speak over the soft voice spoken. Copyright © 2011 Jon M. Nelson

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