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Title: Basic Training  
By: Steve  

What it feels like i came to BMT with the attitude that i was just going to sit back and be catered to. Thats not what happened. The plane ride was very relaxing and i wasnt really worried about anything until i got to the San Antonio Intl Airport. We were crowded into a large hallway. we werent allowed to talk. everyone sitting down wondering what was gonna happen next. A female MTI walked down the hall yelled at us and made us feel like crap. I felt like i was in the principle\\\'s office. She ordered us to stand up and file out of the USO hall to get on the bus to go to Lackland AFB. I dont remember who i sat beside but they were probably thinking the same thing everyone else was...\\\"What did i get myself into?\\\" I remember the ride to lackland at about 9:30 PM. It was quiet. So quiet you could hear everyone breathing. Scared, confused, nervous are just a few feelings i was going thru on that bus ride. When we arrived at the gate was when it hit home. We were officially on Air Force property. Getting off the bus was something new too because we were yelled at by MTI\\\'s. They were a interesting group of individuals. They seemed flawless and in control of everything. We were issued a webbelt and canteen and shoved into a room full of MTI\\\'s. The loud noises and yelling of their voices still ring in my head. As soon as we were issued our gear, we were shoved back on a bus. Now it was off to our Training Squadrons. We would call the 323rd TRS our \\\"home\\\" for the next 6.5 weeks. Our MTI, SSGT Vitela was a short, Spanish man. He had this aura like none i had known before. Everything came together when we met this certain individual. It was almost like Heaven\\\'s light had shined down upon this man and God gave him the ability to turn ordinary people like us into airmen. Throughout the duration of BMT my flight was faced with challenge upon challenge and came thru clean on the other side. We lost a few wingmen along the way but we drove on. We lost all civillian habits. He made sure of that. We became a new breed known as Airmen. throughout all of the push-ups, Early morning PT, eating fast, rolling shirts, cleaning latrines, drill, and getting chewed out every waking moment of the expierence it was well worth it. I look back on my BMT expierence and every emotion comes out. I remember the Sundays at BMT chapel. i remember the Letters from War video. I remember crying my eyes out watching that video. Thinking of home and wondering how everyone was doing back home. When Graduation came around i was really excited. I had a sense of accomplishment and pride for making it thru BMT. Wednsday was the best day of Grad week because it was The Airmen\\\'s Run and The day we officially became Airmen. Running downing hydration bridge and seeing all of the families of the grads made me even more proud. as we ran by the families, they were cheering and yelling out their son\\\'s, daughter\\\'s, husband\\\'s, wife\\\'s names. I remember hearing my dad call out my name. Proud? You bet your ass i was. Nothing felt sweeter than to hear the sound of my father\\\'s, role model\\\'s voice. I cant recall a more significant time in my life where i was more proud to be an American than hearing a veteran cheer me on from the sideline. I was almost fresh out of basic...i hadnt did anything to deserve applause from someone who gave up their whole time, sacrifice and 25 years of their life to serve their country. Chills down my spine. Thats awesome. I also heard my mamma call my name out. The woman that carried me for 9 months in her belly was also standing on the sideline cheering me on. i about started crying in formation. Im a Mamma\\\'s Boy..always have always will till the day i die. Nobody comes close to how mamma cared for me. I remember talking to her on the phone for the first time while i was at BMT. The sound of her voice made my eyes tear. It was an emotion that just happened. I had no control over it. I missed home that bad, the sounds of my mamma\\\'s voice really could make a grown man cry? unheard of..i love mamma and dad. My motivation, reason why, cheerleading squad. The Airmen\\\'s Coin Ceremony was just as emotional. I remember hearing,\\\"Flight 031 from the 323rd Training Squadron entering the stadium!\\\" Marching in my blues looking sharp. We saluted the flag, sang the USAF song, Recited the Airmen\\\'s Creed, and recieved our Airmen\\\'s Coin. As soon as the Ceremony was over we were put at the position of Parade Rest until our family came to us. I remember hearing a wife yell out her Airman\\\'s name and running to him and saying,\\\"yes yes yes your all mine now!!\\\" I remember the tears of joy from my fellow wingmen and the smiles of pride from Father\\\'s faces and the reuniting of family\\\'s. But the one part i remember the most was when my dad put his arm on my shoulder and took my hand and shook it and said,\\\"You did it.\\\" I remember my mamma throwing her arms around me and not letting go. Everything stopped and nothing mattered anymore. I remember looking my dad in the eye and telling him how much i missed him. I remember crying like a baby whenever mamma gave me that bear hug. ohhh nothing like a hug from mamma. I remember the town passes and sleeping in the hotel room, sleeping in the hotel room, going to sea world, going to olive garden, taking a picture with a lot associate from home depot, eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family, going to cracker barrel, and just straight up relaxing. I remember the sunday night and saying \\\"i\\\'ll be right back\\\" to mamma and dad. Bye\\\'s are overrated.....sooo...I\\\'ll be right back! :)

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