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Title: Is this enough, Mommy?  
By: Traci B  
Reserve Wife In Iowa

My 4 year old daughter and I have been seperated from our soldier for a little over 2 years now. He was in Iraq for 14 months and volunteered to do 1 year in Texas. Well, he is being extended for another year in Texas so we are going to try and move our daughter and me to Texas to be with him. Right now some things have gone wrong and we just don't have the money to move from the heart of Iowa to El Paso. I had to break this news to our daughter when I told her that her daddy wasn't coming home next month. The poor girl started to cry, but then she stopped and said "I know", and was off and running to her room. She comes back to me and says, "I have money, I want to us to be a family again, is this enough, Mommy?" as she hands me 50 cents. Tears rolling down my face, I had to tell her it wasn't enough. It's only $2,999.50 shy of what we need to make the move!

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