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Title: When I Grow Up  
By: Samantha  

WHEN I GROW UP By Samantha Tomlin When I grow up I want to be Superman Mommy, I want to save the world You will always be Superman to me my son You've rescued my heart with a whirl When I grow up I will change things, mama I'll make this world a better place My world you have changed my son The moment I first saw your face When I grow up I will take care of you, mama No sorrow or fear you will feel I'll protect and keep you safe forever I will make my promises real As I grew up the Superman dream Gradually began to fade And I realized that to save the world I must leave my home someday To change the world I must go, mama I will make our home a better place And each and every morning I will envision your loving face I'm a man now, mama I have to leave now and fight But I will hold onto our love eternally I know in my heart this is right I'm leaving to take care of you now, mama Love and honor you will feel For sleep in peace tonight, mama Knowing your son's promise is real Even though we will be parted For just a little while Each day I will be counting Until once more I see you smile As I fight for our freedom With my brothers in our convoy I will love you forever and Will always be your little boy

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