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Fort Wainwright Housing

Fort Wainwright, Alaska

I just found this site, and I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner! I've lived on the North side of Post for the past 2 years, and recently moved to South Post... where Friday I experienced a flood in my basement! Sewage flooded all 8 houses in this building because the pipes are so old, they've coroded! We were told by Housing that it's a rare occurance, but my new neighbors say it happens at least 2 times every winter. :-( In most of the housing, there is asbestoes on our pipes. Housing says that's why we shouldn't be in our basements for long periods of time. There is also lead on the stair rails (inside and out) and in the door and windowframes. DH and I haved looked off Post, but apartments here are expensive and don't allow pets... The Commisary is large. Our PX is quite small, but they are adding on. People in town are fairly nice. If you like small towns, you'll like it here. We have one movie theatre, a several bars, Fred Mayer's, Sears, Safeway, and lots of restraunts. The nearest city is Anchorage, but it's 6 hours away! Great summers. Horrible winters!

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