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Commissary Disclaimer
(Prices for stores in Alaska and Hawaii may be higher.)

The information on the following page is for authorized commissary shoppers only. These are extra special low prices on selected items available only in your commissary for a limited time. Make sure to look at the date on the top of the page for sale dates.

These prices won't be offered after the sale dates. Be sure to note that the Managers Specials are good for one week only so make sure you are shopping on the days they are good if you want the lowest price.

Sometimes, because of product distribution or locations of stores, a few of the prices on the following page may not be available in all commissaries or the product may not be available. Please don't complain to your commissary if you find any errors or if all of these items are not available at the advertised price. The commissary is not responsible for errors on the following page or in any commercially funded advertising. The commissary is not required to offer the prices advertised here if the price shown is an error. This advertising is not sponsored or paid for by the Defense Commissary Agency or the Department of Defense.

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