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Title: Keeping the faith  
By: A special friend  

I had a special friend who was serving in the Army in Kuwait. We exchanged wonderful emails of comfort, and with the upmost respect of romance. That was until the end of June, and I did not hear from him for a month. One night I was online, and he came on and said he had been in the hospital in Germany. He had stepped on a land mine, and lost one foot. His body had other injuries. When they found him out in the field, his wounded body was covered in blood. He had a picture of myself in his hand, and the medics asked him if I was his wife, then he passed out. At this point he proceded to tell me that he wanted to give up, and why was he alive? I told him that he had every reason to live, his family, his friends, and all the people that loved him. I don't know to this day how I did it, but he is well. Did you know he wanted to come and see me at work with his class a's on with flowers to thank me? Its the least I could do to comfort and give my love to a soldier who almost died for our country. Thats amazing to me. I had the faith that he would live, and God healed him.

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