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Title: Married to a Submarine veteran  
By: Nancy Cryderman  

My husband is retired after 27 years in the Navy. He only served 4-1/2 years in active duty and the rest was reserves. He also went to submarine school in Connecticut and we lived in Groton and Jewit. It is a hard life, I know, but we have been married 42 years and I would not trade my life for anything. My husband made Chief in 1991 and finally was forced out of the Navy in 1995. My husband is still involved in the Navy. He is the secretary of Selfridge, Michigan Chief Petty Offices Association. We have many active duty Navy friends and also retired Navy friends, as well as other friends that are in the Marines, Coast Guard and Army. Tell you husband to stay in and make Chief. That was my husband's dream and he did it in 1991. If you or your husband need some one to talk to or need some advice, please do not hesitate to email me. Good luck!!

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