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Title: At the airport  
By: April  
Ft. Leonard Wood

Well, we were at O'Hare airport last August to say goodbye to my husband because his leave was over. My husband had missed the birth of our son so when he finally saw him he was six months old. Two weeks of heaven. Feeling like a family finally. But I knew that this day had to come. He had to go back and who knew that it would be another 7 months before we saw him again. Well, we had gotten a special pass from the airport to go back to the terminal with him. We were at the McDonalds there. I was sad and couldn't eat. I was losing my hubby all over again. But as I was sitting there taking in the scenery I knew I would never forget, there was a lady sitting catty corner (?sp) from us. She just kept looking at us. Of course, there were lots looking at us. Civilians kind of knowing what is happening but also not too sure. Finally, I watched her dump her tray and she walked right up to the table. My husband and I were sitting next to each other and his family on the other side of the table. Our son next to me. She laid some twenties on the table. I had no idea what was going on. Without another second passing she said "I take it you are going back?" My husband nodded yes. "I want you to take this. I can't imagine what everyone here is going through. I know there is nothing more I can do but what I can do is give you money to help you and your family. God Bless You and you will be in my prayers." Or something to that effect. It has been a year ago. But as she started to walk away my mother-in-law caught her and gave her a hug. Which in turn we all hugged her. We were all crying and just dumbfounded. I thanked her. I didn't know what else to say. But after that she walked away. Needless to say there were stares all around. It was strange to be the center of attention. Everyone saw her lay the money down. It turns out she gave us $160. I cried so hard. It was such a blessing. Before that he had no money to take back with him. I felt so bad about that. But we had used our spending money on a small vacation for us. So, he took half and I took half. Ther are truly people out there who care. There's one other part to the story that I want to share. When we were at the terminal and it had finally come down to the moment to let him go. I was shaking and crying. We were hugging and kissing. Whispering we loved each other and that we would see other again soon. Then he left and I watched him walk away through the ticket booth. Out of my sight. Of course, I was just balling my eyes. Thinking back to it and I know I was being stared at. But there was a man standing near me. And as I turned around to lean on my mother-in-law's shoulder he said to me "Don't cry. It's not that bad." I briefly looked at him but at the time I was so overwhelmed. All I did was cry on her shoulder. But on the drive back I was so angry at him. I know he didn't know what was going on but I tell ya. If I wasn't hysterical I would have given him earful. Just like when I needed to finance some mattresses. The lady at the bank (on the other line with the sales rep) said my husband didn't have a REAL JOB. I felt so angry. I think you know what I said to her. I defended my husband. I said my peace and walked out. Most civilians just don't understand. I'm sorry for going on and on. Thank you for taking the time out to read it. Have a wonderful day/evening. April

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