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Title: Dear Hero  
By: Aekum Grewal  

When I am stuck and believe there is no way out, You are there. When I am consumed by darkness, You shine on me light and hope. You always remind me what I am to me and you. "You are okay". You say to my face. I am okay, because I am a military child. I am glad to be called your son. You serve America every day, But you need service too. You say all you need is me, Your military child. When times are tough, You are there to cheer me up. You helped me become who I am, Your Military child. You filled my heart with hope, My body with health, My spirit with unity, My being with determination, And my life with happiness. That is why I am your own, very own Military child. Just as well to me and country's flag, You are part of me and our America. I am glad to be a Military child, I thank you, I salute you. America calls you a soldier, I call you dad. Sincerely, Aekum Grewal "ARMY STRONG"

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