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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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fortknox kentucky

hi well i'm well undecided. this is our first duty station. we have two children lots of great neighbors well atleast thats what i hear. we have been here for 6 months and well noone has so much as came by to say hi. it's hard leaving all your family and friends behind to come to total silence. yeah you have louiseville but if you can find your way around there your doing better than me. the ireland community hospital is great the staff are very professional. post is great as far as shopping gose but day care is so exspensive. winters are okay spring is beautiful .the locals are great mostly retired military or so it seems. the housing dose not have carpet but i love the parqette floors they are beautiful.its nice to live in and all the wild animals are so gorgeous esp.. the ground hogs..i hear that these are the slums of the military but i think it's great .besides if you don't like it you can always move off post. there are lots of nicely priced places to rent.all in all i would love to come back.

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