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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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Love it!

Barksdale AFB

We have been stationed at BAFB for a little over 3 months now. I really like it. There is main base housing and "east res" housing. We live on the east res in a Heritage Heights and it's very quiet. It is an older neighborhood (built in 1996), though but it has bigger yards. If you live in heritage you can usually get an adjusted rate and save a few hundred dollars every month, which is nice! It is about a 10-15 minute drive to main base. There is a gate about a mile from housing in the east res which is very convenient. It is only open from 0530-2100 M- F though. There is a community college 10 minutes from my house out that gate. Shreveport, for the most part is very nice. It's about 10 miles from base. They have a "boardwalk" on the red river and it has shops, restaurants, and a movie theatre. The commissary is usually well stocked every time I go and was built just a few years ago. The BX is very nice too. All in all it is a good base to go to. If you do get stationed here, make sure you go through the east gate if you are arriving with a moving truck. It's off of hwy 20 exit 23 industrial drive.

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