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Ft. Stewart, Um, No Thank YOU

Ft. Stewart, GA

Well, well, well. Ft. Stewart made me re-evaluate how I measure a base. It made Drum and Huachuca seem like amazing, fond memories. Because there was medical care at both bases. The bad, if you have children with special needs... stay away from this base. I was commuting to Jacksonville Florida for medical care for my son, despite having our EFMP being accepted at Ft. Stewart. What did the EFMP office say? Ooops, sorry, we didn\'t know he was so severe. What they didn\'t do was read the paperwork. Meanwhile, my oldest son and I were on a 3 month wait list to get a regular PC Provider and was told to go to a walk-in clinic for anything else. My husband has never been more miserable out of this entire 14yr career and 6 deployments. Family means nothing and the focus is so wholly on the mission that they don\'t see the forest through the trees. My DH\'s branch manager tried to swap another officer with my husband (so we could get proper medical care for our son) and my husbands commander said no. So I packed my family up and had to move home to Washington state alone to get medical care for my children. Surrounding Ft. Stewart is yuck and it is a good hour drive to Savannah. The GOOD: Jekyll Island is a great place to visit, museums are amazing, Charleston isn\'t too far away and the aquarium is really nice, Andersonville is worth the drive, the beach is right there and the water is nice. I miss the weather!!!! The older cemeteries are so neat to walk through. There is SO MUCH HISTORY!!!! I loved the islands that you can take a ferry to and look at the ruins. I miss walking through Ft. King George!!!! The malls in Savannah were decent, run down but big and restaurant choices were decent. No complaints for things to do here!!!!

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