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West Point=Deliverance

USMA West Point, NY

We PCS here in May 2013 & I am usually positive about anything, but this place is Horrible for Military Families. There is more available at WSMR,NM then here. The commissary & PX are really small. PX looks more like a gift shop at a University Book Store, then a PX for Army Families to get what they need. There is only 1 Shoppette & it\'s small, isn\'t open 24hrs & prices are high! This place is completely geared to cater towards Cadets & High ranking Officers, they don\'t care at all about Enlisted Soldiers or their Families! The towns surrounding WP have absolutely NOTHING to do! There is 1 tiny gym(the size of the shoppette) for anyone who isn\'t a Cadet & the Cadet gym others can only use during a small amount of time. The closest Walmart is 1/2hr away in nice weather. The Best Way to Discribe this Place & surrounding areas is that you feel like your living in the movie Deliverance! If you have kids like we do, then STAY AWAY from here for their sake! For spouses there is NOTHING for you to do either. Then to make it worse, this entire area in VERY Expensive & BAH is to low for enlisted to find a decent house off post, COLA is a JOKE with only $92 a month for E5/SGT. Regular Unleaded Gas is $3.68gal on post & $3.89gal off post. Train that comes through West Point is only freight & you\'d have to drive 20-30mins to other side of river for a train to NYC & then it costs $25 per person round trip. So unless your a high ranking officer you can\'t afford much around here! We came from Fort Bliss & if we knew this place was like being trapped in Hell, we would have chosen to stay there! We are trapped in the NY State Mountains in DELIVERANCE!

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